The Police Have All The Time In The World

The lap of polluted luxury
In sportswear with memories of the war (god)
They bottle anyone who shares
They haven’t hit the bottom yet
Don’t wait up
Don’t worry

Cause the police have all the time in the world

That naked man
Ruined your life
Come back now and all is forgiven

The sea of penury and disease
Where children fall to bits in the street

An innocent Irish girl
Educated by the nuns
A shithouse

The police have all the time in the world

Bloody old sword
Tough broken world
Gaining for a laugh
It’s so sad
Coming to a street near you

Move with the Scotch, ah!

Crock up your French!
Learn how to swim!

Let this be your axiom, of
Motivational foreign languages!

Oh, crock up your French!
Learn how to swim!

Thanks to Mike for the transcription. Lyrics as of the 4th Feb 1985 version – the lyrics were slightly different in early versions of the song. This was one of the new tracks to be written during 1984, and played fairly frequently between then and early 1985. It was dropped after the song “Past” was written, and it’s believed that “Past” was written around a slowed down version of the rhythm. Cathal had noted trouble with the police during the 80s, and releasing a song with them in its title would probably not have been wise. The song is one of only three Microdisney songs to be performed live but never recorded in studio, the other two being “Ring Around England” and “King Of Free Speech”