She Only Gave In To Her Anger

She only gave in to her anger
And slapped the coalhouse wall
Meanwhile outside a crowd had gathered
She cried, “I hate you all”
There’s only one head of this house
Him, Him, Him!
No, No!
He brings me gifts
And he tells me that I
I will be the mother of his sons
The sons of God
The sons of God
Rock of ages
Flesh for me

She only gave in to her anger
And she lay in her bed with her friend, God
She said, “I’ve had an awful life but its almost over now
I’ve had a terrible life, but its almost done”
And the radio plays this song
“If you get mad with everything
Just find some cash
Go by train”
Such perfect love
Love perfect love
Him, Him, HIM!

I’m a doomed man
I know that life is over
Her face hangs from the altar
She cries “I dont know what I have inside me
I only know that it is dead
Forgive me master
Forgive me God”
“I will not forgive”
One tear wells in her eye
Two tears run down her face
In a sick river of tears
And God cuts her into little pieces
And her blood runs over the room
Out of the window
Down the awning
Onto the pavement
To the cheers
Of the crowd.