Mrs Simpson

I went to see
Mrs Simpson
Up ten flights of stairs.
My aunt had died
Leaving me millions
Which I wanted to share.

Door was closed
Locked and barred
The sign read sealed forever.
Should not have come
Summers gone
The year hangs tarred and feathered.

Like head on legs
Rest of a person
Somewhere in between.
I took the lot
Taking her over
All crazy and mean.

What we did and said in this place
No one will ever know so what’s your disgrace?
Here comes broken backs the bloody tears
The air’s thick and black and you disappeared.

I went up
To see Mrs Simpson
But she was not there.
She may have gone
Back to her husband
But I dont really care.

Broken backs
Heart attacks
Don’t help keep me sober.
I should not have come
Cause what I’ve done
Is done and gone and over.

So hard luck
I won’t own up
At your inquest come December.
Its world war six
or twenty one
The sense has gone its over.
Over and done.