Money For The Trams

Young people are stupid
All they want
The only, the only thing they want is
Money for the trams
They will punish those who love them most
And know best what is good for them
And they come running back
When they are beyond salvation
Broken, un-recognisable
Stinking of fear
Money for the trams.

What is the motive and meaning
Of a teenage heroin addict
But every so often one of them dies
And somebody gets upset
And its father will walk down a rainy street in his cheap flared suit
Polyester flapping in the wind
And he clutches a plastic briefcase full of papers
To prove to the judges that the drug dealers killed his son
Look at him walk – he doesn’t doubt anything

(Through the fog and up the hill
Pass the army barracks
Down again near the American cemetery)

If you want happiness maybe you should have looked in the dustbin
Perhaps somebody’s been there already

Shut up…

Pay your money and take your seat
But the show doesn’t begin – nothing happens
You feel somehow, cheated
So you start to stamp your foot
You start screaming
You start to yodel
You start to say “Take your clothes off
Take your stinking stinking stinking clothes off
Stinking stinking stinking
Stinking stinking stinking
Stinking stinking stinking”

The garden comes with the house
The neighbours in the trailer camp destroyed it
But you still pay for it
But the neighbours are very respectable towards each other
But they have a blind spot
They grew up during the war
When there was fellow feeling between nations
So they are different
So they don’t respond to a call which is
Take your stinking clothes off
Take your stinking clothes off