Dig Me Up (Dreaming Drains)

From an unidentified Fanning Session – listen here…

This is the very end of the world
Due to your deep concern with the end
We all had friends that, when drunk, we dug their graves.
Friends always sure to find out
I’m useless
Or hopeless, now dig me up

When all the trouble comes I just sleep
Remind me of a (?) world without end
We all had things to say which we thought we meant
Now anger has no target
Just older, just joking, quick dig me up

I haven’t been listening
To what I’ve been saying
We’re not coming through this
We’re not coming through this

This is a song of love to the world
To all the dying towns in the world
Try to forget that there once was life out here
You’ll soon forget it’s your fault
Your speeches, you’re careless
Go dig me up